Causes of breakdown

1. Oil contamination

Can happen when using poor quality oils, filters and when changing the oil rarely. It is a huge danger for movable parts of compressor because of bearing seize. A lot of oil contamination can cause development of grooves and decalibrates the bearings. That causes damage of shaft and housing.

2. Limited greasing or no greasing

Can happen if the greasing system is choked or the oil loses its greasing features. The reason for limited greasing are choked oil pipes e.g. because of blocked or limited flow by wrong mounted seals. Also oil diluted by fuel can be the reason for bearing and shaft damage. The damage is caused by increased working temperature.

3. Operation under extreme conditions

Such conditions are caused by very high pressure and temperature. Oil loses its greasing features and coagulates on shaft. Then it carbonates and shaft is completely damaged. It can also cause separation of rotor blades if the mechanics of strength exceeded. Deformation of blades can also cause heavy damage on turbocharger.

4. Contamination in exhaust and inflow system

Those contaminations develop when the intake system is not working properly. Salt and sand, dirt bouncing from the compressor face can cause a complete damage of blades. Also dirt i.e. rust particles located in the exhaust collector is a huge danger for high-speed rotating turbine blades.