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We take care of sales, diagnostics and rebuilding of car components. Our ultimate goal is to meet our clients requirements, which is why availability of sold products, quality of service, as well as precision and insight in analysis of various kinds of problems are our priorities. We offer comprehensive turbo repairs and professional help not only to individual clients but also companies from the automotive industry. Apart from standard orders we also undertake unusual tasks which call for personalized solutions.

The offer

For 10 years we have been offering you new, as well as reconditioned turbos, air conditioning compressors and compressors for braking systems. We also perform professional technical expertise and conduct extensive repairs of the parts.

Our priority is to make our products fully available to you, provide the highest quality service and ensure precise diagnosis of the damaged elements. We are open to sharing with you our knowledge and experience in turbocharger repairs and analysis. That is why we publish on our website useful advice and valuable technical information about the whole reconditioning process. Our focus on availability and development is confirmed by continuous investments and trainings as well as granted certificates, awards, and distinctions.

The basic products in our offer are both new and reconditioned in our workshop and include:

  • turbochargers (Garrett by Honeywell, BorgWarner, KKK, Schwitzer, IHI, Mitsubishi, Toyota),
  • air conditioning compressors (Sanden, Delphi, Denso, Nippodenso),
  • air compressors for braking system (Wabco, Bendix, Knorr-Bremse, Magnetti, Marelli, Covein).


Our offer is supplemented by compressor heads

We also specialise in turbo reconditioning, rebuilding of A/C compressors and air compressors for braking system and their heads. Apart from standard services we are also excited about undertaking any unusual repairs and tasks which require individual solutions. For all fans of motor sports we have also prepared a wide offer of turbines for tuning purposes (Performance of Garrett by Honeywell, Borg Warner Systems and own products). We cooperate both with business clients operating in the automotive sector and individual customers.
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Turbocharger repair and reconditioning

There are several main causes of the parts’ damage: no greasing or inefficient greasing, oil contamination, contaminants in the inflow and exhaust systems, as well as extreme conditions of operation. Acquired over the years of work experience, along with vast knowledge and high skills allow us to provide professional services for every customer. The secret of our success is the team of professionals, who ensure the turbocharger repair or reconditioning is a reliable, high quality service appreciated by every business and individual client.

Reconditioned turbos

Regardless of the cause of damage, they can be rebuilt by professionals, who have at their disposal all of the necessary tools and spare parts. The repair process includes disassembly, diagnosis of the damaged elements and their replacement with quality components, and precise assembly. Conducted by experts, it allows to restore full work efficiency and achieve durability comparable to new elements. As a result, reconditioned turbo is an affordable alternative for every car, truck, lorry driver or owner of other vehicle and machinery.

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This part has been designed in order to work flawlessly throughout the entire life of an engine. As a result, it is rarely seriously damaged and usually does not require extensive rebuilds. However, from time to time, the damage might occur, for instance due to contaminated oil or some contamination material in the system (exhaust or inflow), problems with greasing or complete lack of greasing, as well as very difficult conditions of turbocharger operation (e.g. high temperatures and pressure).

  • Engineered to high standards
  • Assured high quality and dependability
  • Tested under extreme conditions

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Turbocharger repair service

Our services are based on rigorous procedures and techniques used by leading manufacturers. To guarantee quality and durability of the rebuilt parts we use only original kits and sets. What is more, the process is supported by a computer analysis, which allows to verify whether the repair has been conducted properly and the part works correctly.

During turbo repair each metal component (e.g. collectors and housing) is refreshed and its original, brand new look is restored.

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