Repair and reconditioning

Principles of operation

Relatively simple machinery, when it comes to its structure, is at the same time constructed with the highest precision and state-of-the-art materials. Turbochargers are used to improve engine’s power, torque and flexibility.

The most important elements of a turbocharger include compressor and turbine wheel, along with exhaust and air inlets and outlets. Exhaust gases are used to increase the pressure of air in the combustion chamber. In more advanced engines an intercooler is used to additionally lower the temperature of the compressed air before it reaches the engine. As a result, the air’s density is increased (number of oxygen molecules is higher) which improves the combustion process.

Turbocharger Repair

In some cases, if the part is generally in good condition, yet some of its elements have deteriorated over time, purchasing a completely new part might not be necessary. Special OEM repair kits, approved by manufacturers, allow to conduct turbo rebuild at minimum costs.

Our repairs are based on experienced, highly qualified team and professional, state-of-the-art machinery used for turbo reconditioning. As a result we are able to provide every customer, both individual and business one, with professional approach and offer them the most reliable, highest quality rebuilt, reconditioned turbo for their car.

Turbo reconditioning

Generally speaking, it is a process which includes three basic steps:

  • disassembly,
  • inspection and diagnosis of the part,
  • replacement of damaged and/or deteriorated elements,
  • assembly.

First step is always a careful disassembly. It is important to mark the housings in order to be able to reassemble them in the exact, correct position. By removing bolts and lock washers we remove: first the compressor and then the turbine housing. After that cartridge assembly is ready to be disassembled as well: starting with compressor wheel and then the rest of the parts. The housing bearing has to be disassembled as well to inspect and replace all the bearings, snap ring, pistons and seals inside of it.

Note! Prior to installation of new parts each of the three housings (bearing, turbine and cartridge) must be thoroughly cleaned as any foreign matter entering it might cause rapid deterioration and/or damage.

New elements installed are usually:

  • bearings,
  • snap rings,
  • thrust bearing and piston,
  • seals,
  • piston ring,
  • bolts and plates,
  • nuts.

It is very important to verify what torque should be used to safely and firmly adjust the nut. Such information is usually found in the manufacturer’s manual.